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John DeLorean Heritage Tour

John Zachary DeLorean (January 6, 1925 – March 19, 2005) was an American engineer and executive in the U.S. automobile industry, and founder of the DeLorean Motor Company. DeLorean left General Motors (GM) to form his own company, the DeLorean Motor Company (DMC), showing a two-seater sports car prototype in the mid-1970s called the De Lorean Safety Vehicle (DSV), with its bodyshell designed by Italdesign's Giorgetto Giugiaro. The car entered into production as the DMC-12, but generally known simply as the De Lorean. The DeLorean's body distinctively used stainless steel and featured gull-wing doors. The production model was powered by the "Douvrin" V6 engine developed by Peugeot, Renault and Volvo.

The manufacturing plant to build the new car was built in Dunmurry, Northern Ireland, with substantial financial incentives from the Northern Ireland Development Agency of around £100 million. Renault was contracted to build the factory, which employed over 2000 workers at its peak production. The engine was made by Renault, while Lotus designed the chassis and bodywork details. The factory started manufacturing cars in early 1981, but the company was in receivership by February 1982. It turned out around 9,000 cars over 21 months before the British government ordered its closure in November 1982.

Join us for a tour of the Detroit area locations that were relevant to John’s life and career.


John DeLorean Heritage Tour - A tour of the Detroit area offers some great historical sites in John DeLorean’s history. Childhood home, located at 17199 Marx, Detroit, MI

Bachelor home, located on North Shore Drive in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Home from the early 70’s, which he shared with Kelly Harmon. Located on Lone Pine Hill in Bloomfield Hills, MI

The former General Motors Headquarters on East Grand Blvd. In Detroit, MI. It was donated to the State of Michigan when GM moved its Global Headquarters to the Renaissance Center in the late 90’s.

General Motors Senior Executives, including De Lorean, worked on the 14th Floor. Despite prestigious DMC credentials, James and Tony remained locked in the stairwell…

DMC offices in Detroit were located in this office complex at 100 West Long Lake Rd in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Location is the White Chapel Cemetery, 621 West Long Lake Rd. in Troy, MI. Section 4775, Block G-2.
John is buried next to his mother, Katherine DeLorean.






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