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DMC Open House Event 2007

On June 8th, 9th and 10th the DeLorean Motor Company Houston held their 2007 Open House Event. It is one of the major happenings for DeLorean enthusiasts and this year's event was incredible. On Friday there was a reception at DMC, kicked off by Stephen Wynne & James Espey and followed by an amazing presentation by Fred Dellis, a close friend of John De Lorean and owner of Legend Industries. Legend was developing a Twin Turbo DeLorean before the DeLorean Motor Company went out of business.

Saturday brought a day of interesting seminars, the Millennium Concours show, and an 80's-themed dinner and reception. Barrie Wills, a former DMC executive, was the guest speaker and provided some great historical insights into the heyday of DeLorean development.

Sunday brought a day at Houston Motorsports Park for those that wanted to get some track time with their DeLoreans.


Fred Dellis was on the verge of completing the DeLorean Twin Turbo project when the DeLorean Motor Company went out of business. The car was incredibly fast.

Fred and John at the track, testing the DeLorean Twin Turbo prototype.

Another highlight from Friday was the Smokey Yunick hot vapor adiabatic engine prototype. This 3 cylinder engine was said to be capable of 300 HP, while also delivering 50-60 MPG. It is also rumored that it can run on water and good intentions...

There were plenty of DeLoreans on hand, at both the hotel and at DMC Houston.

The Millennium car show took place on Saturday. Ken Koncelik takes a break from cleaning his award-winning DeLorean.

Also in the show was the last DeLorean built, VIN # 20104. Brothers Jim and Sandor Piszar volunteered to prep the car for the competition.

One of the highlights in visiting the DeLorean Motor Company is the warehouse tour. It is surreal to see all the DeLorean parts, in many cases still on the racks or in the boxes as they sat on the assembly line. If you need something for your DeLorean, chances are DMC can provide it! Pictured below are racks full of doors and quarter panels.

Racks with hundreds of brand-new engines, ready to go.

Also on hand is the original tooling used to mold the DeLorean underbody structure.

Left picture: Barrie Wills, right, was the guest speaker for Saturday's dinner. Here he is with Tony Ierardi, owner of DMC Florida.

Right Picture: Dave Swingle, owner of DMC Midwest, discusses the finer points of the DeLorean's engine and electrical system.

Saturday night's dinner had an 80's theme. On the left, Stephen & Tony look very Miami Vice. Not sure who is Crockett and who is Tubbs... On the right, James gets his 80's groove on.

Many DMC celebs were on hand. On the left is Leif Montin, National Parts Manager for the DeLorean Motor Company.

On the right is some 80's freak.

Byron rocked the house by singing a few tunes with the evening's entertainment, Molly and the Ringwalds!







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