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Woodward Dream Cruise | August 15th, 2009

No rain this year for Woodward. Nothing but blue skys, smiles and plenty of cruising vehicles!


A reporter for Fox made comment about finding the DeLoreans this year on the air. Derrik's parents called in to give them the address and in a few minutes we were on the air waving to the camera! Anyone over at Fox wanna ride? Just let us know.


Rick & Byron bring in refreshments.







Educating the masses with the DeLorean FAQ Fact Sheet and a historical information poster.



DeLoreans mobilize for a cruise down Woodward Ave.


These lovely ladies with Byron are from Bardha Salon (911 Haynes St. Birmingham, MI 48009), a family business just down the street from where we were parked. They use to cut John DeLorean's hair. They told us there was a room out back of the barber shop that celebs or high ranking people would be brought to for their hair cut. They said John was a sweet heart.


Woodward 09 DeLorean Crew (minus a few who went for a walk).


Almost the A-Team and well appreciated!


Its about time we see Ecto 1 at Woodward!














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