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Furry Convention: Rocks the 80's | April 9-11th, 2010

Douglas Rose contacted me from furryconnectionnorth.com asking if I would would be willing to provide my DeLorean for a few hours at their Furry Convention. I wasn't sure what the convention was. I asked several questions about it; but still wasn't getting it until I was there. The pictures speak for themselves. Its a group of people that simply like to step into a costume and play an animated role - sort of an escape from reality. When you approach or try to speak to them, they respond without speaking; only in gestures so that it does not remove them from the fairy tale like experience.

Below are pictures of my DeLorean with the Furries. There was even a Doc and Marty furry animal!

Here is an ointroduction to their club I found off the web site:

Introduction to FCN

Furry Connection North (or as it is often known "FCN") was founded in 2007 by Gir Tygrin (Jonathan Wilson) and his two roommates at the time Nik Vulper and 2 Gryphon. The original vision for this event was to create a convention experience that was focused around a party atmosphere. It has expanded since the event's first year in 2008 to include many traditional furry convention features including an Artist's Alley and programming break out rooms. While the event has expanded we have focused on staying true to our original mission of throwing a big furry party. It's a party that's been growing fast as well! We had 727 attendees at last year's event.

FCN is known for a number of quality features but two seem to stand out in the minds of both its staff and attendees; the sponsor's lounge and our dances.


Byron & Capt'n Furry?


Marty & Doc Furry.















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